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Welcome to ciaPhoto!

Please browse my website of nature photography. I have photographed patterns and images of nature throughout the US, as well as in such diverse locales as Patagonia, Antarctica, Botswana, the Cape Peninsula of South Africa, the highlands of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Costa Rica, Great Britain, and Israel.

I have always been drawn to patterns:

  • from the regular striping of zebras to the random scattering of wildflowers in a meadow
  • from mountains reflected exactly in calm waters to mangrove roots mirrored with distortion in swampy ripples
  • from the regular patterns of symmetry to the rough and jagged patterns of fractals
  • from number series in math to a series of birds in flight

The photographs in this site include landscapes, birds, flowers, plants, butterflies, reptiles, and animals of all sizes, but, if you look carefully, you will also find spirals, reflections, translational and rotational symmetries, geometric forms, Fibonacci patterns, and fractal-like images.

Recently I've been turning my photographs into fiber art wall hangings, including quilts that are pieced, appliqued, thread painted, and mosaic quilts made from silk fusion.

I welcome your questions and comments.

Marcia Birken




Antarctic Landscape

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Rochester, NY